If the timing of the middle school circle works for your student, please join that one. If your student is already involved in an elementary school circle, feel free to stay in that one for now. Our circle schedules will likely change in the fall.  

Yes! Pease send us a note in the “Contact” form that indicates your student’s availability. We will do our best to accommodate them in future circle schedules.

Our goal is to make this accessible for all BIPOC elementary students in North Seattle. Please let us know if we can provide interpretation, an internet hotspot, or anything else to lower barriers to participation.

While our mission is specific to North Seattle, we will not turn away interested children. Please proceed with registration.

Yes! Our mentors come from many neighborhoods and school districts across King County. Please get in touch via our contact form.

North Seattle has a long and hostile history of excluding people who are not white. While integration has increased in the last decade, it is still common for students of color to be isolated in their neighborhood elementary school with few peers of color and even fewer teachers or staff of color.  In addition, North Seattle has a growing community of immigrant and refugee families who are failed by our education system which does not provide sufficient resources, translated materials, or culturally affirming curriculum to meet students where they are.